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at the texas store about the company's breastfeeding policy. >>> more to get to for you tonight. a massive funeral for the north korean leader, kim jong-il. thousands crowded to the capital and hear the words they have been waiting to hear. also, how a five-year-old rang up a $500 bill on his mom's iphone without even knowing her password. and a major solar storm is set to hit within days. all that is coming up, and then on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. up next, viral internet videos , from david at the dentist to charlie bit my finger. are parents going too far? and we go to a remote nature preserve, and an attempt to restore a lost >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> king gung u.n was declared -- kim gung u.n. was declared the leader, and it started with a 21-gun salute. kim jong-un over looked the pea -- pyong square. the square was packed with mourners. >>> an internet watchdog group is suing the department of homeland security. the electronic privacy information center wants to know what the agency is doing with information it gathers on facebook and
and they are reputable. i recommend you check them out. vern >> of the old lady sfax continue for santa texas sen california and the holiday lull. i have the highlights. did not look. of all hist >>catherine: coming up, our new year's eve party. is the only local count on shot will be hosting along with gary radnich. we will have the fireworks and take you to a lot of parties. it all begins new year's eve at 11:30 p.m.. >>catherine: it look at tonight's big stories. >> the genie is installing new street lights after two violent sexual assaults in the area. the new street lamps are going in on the fair oaks. neighbors in the area complained during a community meeting of a lack of lighting that could have led to the attacks. >> in san jose the number of homicides have nearly doubled what they were this time a year ago. police say there have been 38 homicides so far this year compared with 20 this time a year ago. investigators say there is no hard and fast explanation although they do say that 18 of the killings were gang-related with gang violence speaking at the end of this summer. >>haaziq: on l
for one in the bowl games. we're taking you to the holiday bowl, san diego tonight. cal against the texas longhorns. second quarter, texas is up, but not for long. it's 10-7. then in the third quarter, it was a jekyll and hyde performance. zach maynard losing it there. sacked six times. cal turned it over five times, and a ramped up texas longloerns turned it into points -- longhorns turn today into points. david ash, 27 points to goodwin, and that was that. 21-10, texas on top of cal, which finishes the year at seven and six. >>> a's general manager billy bean has done it again. he's traded away another big name. today, andrew bailey, he's the closer. he's now going to be the closer for the boston red sox. traded along with ryan sweeney for three players. you could call them three prospects. so four pitching staff members are gone, the entire outfield is dismantled. and look at the bottom line right there. billy beane has pretty much saved almost $20 million. but look what he's giving it up. the fire sale, as it continues. >>> nfl former wide receiver, tarell owens, has thrown his name i
: they are moving back to texas. where unemployment is lower. 8.4%. in 2010 texas gained 75,000 new residents and california lost 130,000. the biggest state shift in the country was people leaving california and heading to texas. >> jobs are just one reason. housing is another. this home sold for a million dollars. yet, here in austin, texas, this home sold for $380,000. the people who bought it moved from california. >> he moved his family and his business from california to austin. they traded in a one bedroom apartment for this four bedroom home. >> if we stayed in california, in order for us to make it where we want to live, we need to be a two income family. >> reporter: with the lower cost of living, his wife now stays home with their daughter. >> we go to gym. swimming lessons. >> reporter: yet they miss the california weather and the ocean. >> my first surf board. >> reporter: for now they will trade blue waters for greener pastures. >>> what does madonna have in common with michael jackson? the gig she handed that will be one of her biggest gigs ever. >>> coming up next on game day.
of video to show you. on the top, of garden city, kansas. also, our look texas and edgewood, new mexico. also, colorado springs, colorado. so far, six people have died because of the storm. they are also worried about thousands of people who are stranded because of the storm on one of the major roads that connects new mexico and texas. we have a map here to show you of the situation. we will zoom in on the area that is affected. interstate said not been--interstate 70. excuse me, i 40 is the road we're talking about. it is about 180 mi.. truckers are stranded on the road or cannot get on it. one of the reasons this was so bad for people trying to lead auburn kirke and go over to texas, said they are only used to about 300 days of snow. a blizzard can for the community. visibility is down to nothing. it is a major mess. >>mark: here is the national map as we are following that storm. all of those areas are seeing bad snow. the system is continuing to track to the east. if any of these airports begin to light up on their status pages, we will let you know if any delays occur. >>james: in
to the holiday bowl. waiting for them in san diego the texas longhorns who work ronde their jumping. second quarter watch david ash, the longhorns with the reverse. jackson, shipley, goes in for the touchdown. horns take a 7-3 lead. bears have the answer. get together outside. take itself in from six yards up. cal up 10-7. it's ash finding goodwin for a 47-yard touchdown. texas takes care of the bears 21-10. >>> hot stove. the a's trade away players like gift cards, today they sent bailey to boston along with ryan sweeney. bailey saved 24 games last season in oakland. in return the a's get 24-year- old out fielder josh reddick and two minor leaguers. >>> it's time for the wednesday night top five. air force with the extra point to tie it in the military bowl. instead's call a fake. the pitch is wide and the kicker kick itself accidentally out of bounds. air force looses. >>> number four, victor, on the break. the hoosiers loose the first of the year. >>> chris bosh faking the jumper. goes hard to the hoop. throws it down. miami beats the bobcats. >>> james gets no love. dunks on behinder so
in monterey and started breastfeeding publicly. a texas mom was hassled by target employees for nursing her baby while christmas shopping. >> i think that we wanted to mount support for the mom in texas for how she was treated. raise awareness of breastfeeding in general. try and get people more comfortable with seeing it done in public. >> target's company policy says mothers are welcome to breast-feed in public areas without being made to feel uncomfortable. >>> they're back. one month after being uprooted by police from frank ogawa plaza, occupy oakland has set up camp again in west oakland. there are more than a dozen tents occupying the area dubbed the cypress triangle. >> persistent enough. we have something worth saying, and say it well. then you need a place to do that. >> the group will be meeting tonight to discuss plans on taking over a vacant building as occupy oakland headquarters. no word how mayor ckwan plans t tackle this one. >>> one sports stadium's plans is flying under the raid yaur. the san francisco earthquakes, the bay area's professional soccer team, could get a gree
feeding. moms are upset that a texas mom was hassled by target for nursing while christmas shopping. >> we want to come out in support of how she was treat and raise awareness for breast feeding in general. try to get people comfortable with getting it done in public. >> it is not just here in san jose, the company said that mothers are breast feeding in public areas without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> time to check back in on the weather. get ready for 2012. >> quite comfortable right now, across the board. not just inland. temperatures in the mid 50s, look at this beautiful sky, the golden gate bridge, many outside enjoying the nice weather. we have a lot of sunshine overhead. 56 in san jose. you can see what we have left in terms of showers, light, to the east of santa rosa. we will see another day with 60s down through the south bay. 61 in santa cruz, and conditions through tomorrow we will see a stronger off shore flow. expecting thick fog to develop, all day long. limited sunshine through thursday. we stop the clock at 9:00, continue that clock until 2:00  tomorrow, still d
. the weather is improving on the eastern seaboard. from texas into georgia, you see a new storm of developing. that will make a beeline for us tomorrow. we have a range chance tomorrow. details on that forecast is coming up in just a minute. our temperatures this morning have not dropped into the 30's. mostly in the 40's this morning. we will look at the weather details in just a minute. >> thank you. good morning. a lot of folks trying to make those returns this morning. we have one problem in kingsville. a closure at harford road. enclosures because of fire department activity. 57 on the north side through parkville. problem free towards the harrisburg expressway. 50 on the outer loop as you make your way past 75. a smooth start on 70. in nice start if you travel across the bay bridge. wind warnings are in effect. the bay bridge is running smoothly. no delays to and from the eastern shore. this is the fort mchenry. 95 in the southbound direction, no delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> someone in maryland will cop a new millionaire. the winning ticket for the christmas day pow
is scheduled to travel to 10 counties to today. gingrich plans three stops. texas governor rick perry is also on a campaign bus tour through iowa, running a new ad that takes aim at washington lawmakers, his rivals, bachmann and paul. >> if washington is a problem why trust a congressman to fix it. >> many believe paul may have the best shot. the texas congressman has a loyal base of supporters, some who have not stopped working since his bid for the presidency in 2008 but in a race that has cycled through several front runners iowa is still anyone's to 1, terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> john huntsman has not campaigned there. it was a goopy mess that stranded drivers and caused damage to their cars, now the maryland truck company responsible says it is having trouble paying for it. it only has a 1 million dollar insurance policy and the payouts will likely exceed that amount. about a thousand people have filed claims saying that substance damaged their cars. >>> the sun is long gone as with start a very wet day in our area. let's take a live look outside shall we? the rain is coming d
that is because they speed up approval for a controversial pipeline in texas it is just one safety violation found at head starts across the country that is according to a report out today by the health and human services department. >>> the president and al-maliki paid respects with a wreathe laying. the two leaders met at the white house to make a dedication to their relationship. >> people can resolve their differences peacefully through their democratic process. >> he has delivered a formal request for the unmanned surveillance drone and they are not hopeful iran will comply. they were captured by iran's forces and they say they are close to recovering data from the drone. >>> defense secretary leon panetta said he will visit from an eight month civil war. leon panetta wants to help as the people take back their country. the defense secretary plans amidst ongoing violence and clashes with troops right near tripoli's airport, they will resolve their differences. >>> they are safe after a dramatic rescue. a crowd of people watched as the frightening scene unfolded. take a look at that scaffoldin
around the nation are not happy with retail giant target because of the way a texas mother says she was treated while nursing her baby at the store. and action moms took today. >> some 30 mothers nursed their babies in protest. >> there is nothing wrong about it or dirty bit. it's nourishing our children. >> nursing mothers are banding together. upset at what happened to michelle hickman in texas. she claims houston target workers bullied her from breast feeding while shopping. and then, asking her to move to a private location. >> i am not going to nurse my baby in the bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom? >> in california and around the nation today, mothers and babies openly nursed in public to send a message to target's corporate head quarter autos so i thought i'd support. you know? and show it's normal and natural. >> target has a policy for moms who need to feed their babies and says it works hard to help nursing moms. >> there is a longstanding policy to embrace breast feeding and make our guests feel comfortable while doing so. >> it's unclear if that ot
and assaulted her. he had been previously convicted of rape in texas and officials say he was spotted in san diego earlier this week but he got away. >>> a san jose woman faces felony charges for a string of jewelry thefts involving grade school students. sonya va last quez went to six campuses between october and november to find her young victims. she claimed to be a friend and asked to see their gold necklaces and replaced them with costume necklaces. police believe she sold the necklaces to jewelry stores. >>> dozens of people are out of their apartments after a fast moving fire. >> reporter: it took just minutes for a small fire to spread through this 18 unit apartment complex on sure point court. >> we had two floors involved in the fire and six units that were occupied and six families that are now displaced and we are trying to get a count on that right now. >> reporter: an estimated 60 firefighters fought the blaze that started before 11:00 this morning on the 2nd floor. >> as we were running by the actual apartment in flames, a guy had a fire extinguisher and he was backing out.
. we heard about the plastic soup in the pacific ocean. i read it's the size of two states of texas, so, okay, we could cut that in half. would a plastic soup, would plastic debris and smothering of aquatic life, would that work if it were just one state of texas instead of two states of texas? i don't think we think so, so the limits frame keeps me in that quantitative, oh, we just have to cut back, cut back, but rather what we tbhoa from an -- know from an ecomind, it's about changing the system itself that generates the waste. the word "waste" reminds me of another problem with the scarcity frame and limits being the problem. we think of the problem being out there, and we don't look at the fact -- oh, we hit the limits. with food, oh, we hit the limits to feed people. you hear that often. still, as i heard it 40 years ago, and, yet, we don't see the enormous waste built into our global food system where now less than half of the grain that we produce in our world goes directly to human beings. about a third goes to animals, which we know, you know, shrink its potential to feed us, a
numbers. those tickets are worth $250,000. >>> the cal bears and the fax longhorns going head -- texas longhorns going head-to-head tonight. >>> also, the oakland a's and their quest to move to the south bay. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ >>> there are new questions about baseball's support for the a's possible relocation to san jose. told the chronicle that baseball commissioner bud selig has repeatedly assured him, the giants will maintain rights to santa clara county. he has not met with the giants to try to negotiate a deal. >>> the cal bears kind of ran into a buzz saw in the second half. >> they made a nice run at the end of the season to become bowl eligible. tonight's perfor
the football, then tonight's holiday ball was not for you. both cal and texas struggled in all three of the categories. both teams 7-5 and both finished under 500 in the conferences. zac maynard had issues. turned it over twice in the first half. second quarter, texas the reverse. shipley back to david ash. touchdown. 7-3 horns at the half. a real barnburner. bears with a 10-7 lead. texas a quick response. less than two minutes later, wide open, 47-yards. 14-10, texas. more maynard misery. sacked and stripped. texas recovers. cal turned it over five times tonight. i'm no genius but i know that is not good. horns capitalized. johnson, four yards up the middle. no sugar coating this game. it was not pretty. 21-10 the final. cal killed themselves all night. >> you can't go into a football game like that and expect to turn the football over and win a football game. we had our chances. comes down to what wins and loses football games and turnovers are a big key that that and we were on the wrong end of that today with five them. >> an understatement. simple formula for the raiders on sund
for saturday and sunday. >> mark, thank you. >>> a young texas boy is getting a new bud theweekend direct from the bay area. natura, a yellow lab from marine county guide dogs for the blind. she is afraid to fly so she failed the guide dog test but she will serve as a buddy dog to a 9-year-old. zach is losing his vision. she will help him learn to bond with an animal. a relay of volunteers is driving the 1 1/2-year-old to texas. >>> that is our report for today. we will see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues tonight at 10:00. tmz is up next right here on tv36
by representative ron paul of texas with 18%. and mitt romney with 16. in the latest nbc news poll in new hampshire, the site of the first primary, mitt romney leads with 39%, followed by gingrich with 23, paul with 16. though gingrich and mitt romney lead, it is michelle bachmann who sees cain supporterrings coming to her side. >> they saw herman cain as an outsider. and i think they will see my voice will be the most like his overall the democrats review the loss as a gain. >> inside and outside the beltway, woke up today to a very different political environment, and one in which ne wt gingrich is very real. >> reporter: with gingrich coming forward, mitt romney steady and the republicans still divided, the g.o.p. members were asked if they could go into the race without a nominee. >> highly doubtful, we will be unified, because this president needs to be fired. >> reporter: before that can happen, a clear candidate must come forward. that may begin in iowa. drew levinson. >>> and more arrests in the occupy movement, this time in washington, d.c. they moved in on the protesters, who refused to d
in texas, but also to put a positive depiction on something that some americans might think is a social taboo. target stores were the target of a nationwide demonstration. mothers in the south bay showed up in full force to breast feed their babies inside. >> trying to get people to be more comfortable with seeing it done in public. >> we're talking to sex lize our body parts and it is really easy to think, you know, she is breast feeding that so that involves a breast and a bad thing to have. >> a texas mom had a humiliating experience at a target store last month and michelle refused to nurse her baby in a dressing room. >> they came and started to walk by and shake their heads and rolling their eyes. and shake their head, no, no, i'm doing something so horrible, i'm feeding my baby, here. >> she helped create a facebook page declaring a target nurse- in. the page has more than 6200 members. breast feeding moms are protected in california. the civil code says notwithstanding any other provision of law, a mother may breast feed her child in any location public or private. and other sho
after them now. >>> we need help. >> plus, it was a tragedy in texas. police releasing the chilling 911 call from that christmas day shooting. >>> a recall for a popular kids' toy. the safety concerns that has a company pulling build a bears off store shelves. >> fog still lingering all over the bay area. when will it clear and will we see rain? coming up, a look at your seven- day forecast after the break. their war games. tehran says this is video of a u-s aircraft carrier near the strait of hormuz. that's a >> iran says it spotted a u.s. warship spying on their war games. tehran says this is video of a u.s. aircraft carrier near the strait of hormuz. that's a key route for oil shipments and the site of a 10- day iranian military exercise. the pentagon did say that the stennis moved through the strait yesterday. iran has threatened to close the strait in response to western sanctions. >>> texas police releasing the 911 call from a christmas day shooting that left 7 dead in an apartment complex. authorities believe the caller was the shooter. take a listen. >> hello, 911. do you need h
. after being nominated for the nobel prize. he left los angeles, was in texas. he went along with a drug deal. it went bad. somebody got shot. he was locked up for 18 years of his life and was on death row until 2005 when the supreme court decided you could not execute minors. you cannot even be part of the european union if you have capital punishment. and we are still killing kids in this country. this blew my mind. ia read -- i read his poetry and store it and i shared his story alongside mine. i knew that it would do more than if i just talked about my own personal experience. that story, we started working on it -- we have been rented for seven years. we did the show in houston, his family came out. people came up after the show and said, 31 years i have been locked up. i have never felt more like a thief because i got this show for free. during the thanksgiving holiday, -- we have been doing the show for a full year now. we went to singapore, the netherlands, belgium a federal court judge then announced that mr. william should be released from prison. [applause] he is currently sti
to texas, the measure would be paid by the fee from family and freddie mac. >>> it was not be excusable for congress to extend this middle class tax cut . >> the house will act on the bill next week. >>> and police arrest two men, and yet another man in a homicide case this week. michael miller turned himself in on thursday, the victim, 48- year-old jeff patterson was found dead from blunt force trauma on monday. deputies initially arrested a man who was released on monday, a second man was arrested but released without charges. >>> and a registered sex offender accused of kidnapping and raping a woman in oakley now is behind bars. steven clark was arrested around midnight at the cathedral hill neighborhood. the contra costa sheriff's department says he became friends with a woman on saturday, and then kidnapped her and raped her at his home. he had previously been convicted of raping another woman in texas. >>> and san jose police arresting a woman regarding theft. they say that 28-year-old sandy velazquez claimed to be a friend, and now faces six counts of felony grand theft. >> and
, a texas boy is about to get a new canine buddy. guide dog for the bland is sending a dog to be a buddy for a blind nine-year-old boy. natura was being trained to be a guide dog but was dropped from the training because of her fear of flying. her mission will be to help prepare the child with responsibilities involved with taking a gield dog. the nine-year-old does not know he is being surprised with a canine buddy. >> natura will be his companion. hopefully, one day, develop a guide dog. >> because of her fear of flying, she's going to be driven from san real to texas by a group of volunteer drivers. >>> new poll of iowa voters shows major shifts and changes in the first in the nation republican primary. this comes only days ahead of next week's iowa ka cusses. fox news' jennifer davis is in washington with the highlights >>> despite flurry of appearances around iowa, a new cnn time poll shows newt gingrich in a free fall. he had been under attack and says he is not surprised by the numbers. >> i think anybody who has 8 or $9 million of negative advertising, much of it false, is going
of a texas mother claims she was bullied by workers for nursing her baby in public. and sue thompson explains what mothers are doing to force a change here. >> many nursing moms are not happy how a mother was treated in a texas target store. today in a bay area moms and babies teamed up to send a message to retail giant, target and anyone who would listen. out side of the main doors moms and babies moved in to nurse. >> i thought i'd come here and support. and you know... show that feeding your baby in public is normal and natural. >> many here are upset at what happened miles away at a houston, texas target. a mom claims store workers harassed her for trying to breast feed her baby. >> i am not going to go nurse in a bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom? sitting on a toilet. >> we're unhappy a mom had to go through that anywhere. >> so mothers and babies openly nursed in public to send a message to target corporate head quarter autos we should be able to breast feed in public. there is nothing dirty bit. it's nourishing our children. >> target does have a policy for mom w
at the end of the season to become bowl eligible. tonight's performance against texas in the holiday bowl didn't feel like it was worth the trip. the bears winless against texas in four previous match ups. kenny simply jumps over him to get to maynard here. the bears led 3-0 after a quarter. and they went in front 10-7 in the 3rd. the cal defense doing a good job on the longhorns. the offense kept turning the ball over, 14-10 texas here. as maynard gets sacked again, this time he coughs up the ball, the recovered by adrian phillips. five turnovers for the bears as may in order was sacked six timesment from the 44, goodman cut back, a 47-yard run. it resulted in a touchdown a few minutes later. that put texas in front 47-10. ending the season with a 7-6 record. >>> nice chance tonight for the warriors to make a statement in their third straight home game to start the new nba season. they had to take on the new york knicks with curry sitting this one out with his injured ankle. stoudemire goes baseline on david lee and gets the foul. it was a different story in the 2nd half. a block of stou
miracle that they find them. >>> buried alive in the snow for two days, how a texas family finally escaped. >>> we have patches of fog coming up in the bay area, more traffic weather and news coming up. take the finish challenge. my name is ashley and my blog is not without salt. when i take pictures of my food, you don't want to see spots on the dishes. i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that spot free look. when i took the finish challenge, i was thrilled. as soon as i opened up the dishwasher, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. this little guy right here makes my dishes incredibly shiny. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge. get up to half off. . >>> a live look at the east shore freeway, this is the mcarthur maze westbound on interstate 880, no delays on the right-hand side towards berkeley, great morning trafficwise, let's head back to the desk. >>> a texas woman is back home after getting trapped in a snowstorm. it shows the suv buried in snow and ice. it happened in new mexico. the family man anded to -- manag
a provision to require work on a controversial oil pipeline from canada to texas. that's opposed by the white house and senate democrats. >>> federal deficit appears to be shrink. how about that? according to congressional estimates, the government is on track to run a deficit below $1 trillion for the first time in four years. still, those numbers could change if congress extends the payroll tax cut and long-term unemployment benefits by the end of the month. >>> 4:40. now who is back? >> this guy just doesn't work enough. >> hello. >> he is back on the morning show. >> what's going on, guys? >> nice tie. >> you like that, huh? >> what is that? >> this is rudolph the red- nosed reindeer. >> and the island of mr. toys, abominable snowman. i break them all out at this time of the year. folks, it's very frosty around the bay area this morning out the door. the valleys look at cold temperatures again, some numbers down into the 20s in the santa rosa area, freezing now in napa, 31 in fairfield, 34 in livermore. patchy fog in the valleys early on. the system that brought us showers yesterday is sa
. five states are affected. with all of the snow drifts in the texas panhandle over 100 people have called to be rescued from their vehicles in the blinding snow. there are reports of at least six traffic related deaths. we are also attracting any possible delays at the airports. yoli aceves is live at sfo. >>yoli: it does not seem like any of that weather is a damn for in any of our holiday travel at sfo. all of the flights seemed to be on time right now but, you do have to keep checking. that can change throughout the morning wore during the day. i placed a call with the honda manager who said, so far so good. i will get a better update for the rest of the dates day at 7:00 a.m.. keep checking with your carrier before you get on your flight because things can change. >>mark: let's give an update on traffic. gerge rask has more on the commute. >>george: within easy ride around the area, every tuesday should be this nice. so far there are no hot spots or major delays. there is lighter than usual traffic all vallejo around here. it is light in all of the lanes and no problems for the
-10 to the texas longhorns. this is the holiday bowl down in san diego. cal turned the ball over five times. the quarterback had a rough day. he was sacked six times. touchdown for texas. bears end the season with a 7-6 record. i watched for about 15 minutes and said, i can't watch anymore. [ laughter ] >> shut your eyes. >> i kind of forgot in the first half. then the 3rd quarter i have to go to bed. eh. sorry, bears. >>> the country's most desirable celebrity neighbor likes to take his knee for touchdowns apparently. >> according to a national survey folks want denver broncos quarterback tim tebow living next door. real estate information company zillow says angelina jolie and brad pitt and jennifer aniston were the top three. a majority of respondents didn't like any choices for a celebrity neighborhood. >> especially they would choose a quarterback. >> especially the guy in the spotlight. he would be the nicest guy if the world. >> probably why they chose him. >> borrow a cup of sugar, no problem. >>> 5:26 now. an east bay choir asked to perform at the london olympics. the major obstacl
that that's even stronger than a handshake in texas. >> i have made mistake at times. i've had to go to god for forgiveness. >> reporter: the two-hour session also saw an odd moment when mitt romney in a dispute over his massachusetts health care plan suddenly challenged perry to a big wager on the facts. >> $10,000? $10,000 bet? >> i'm not into betting business. >> reporter: romney also went at it with gingrich calling the man he now trails in iowa a career politician, but gingrich hit back. >> the only reason you didn't become a career politician is you lost to teddy kennedy in 1994. >> that's probably true. if i would have been able to fwet in the nfl like i hoped when i was a kid, i would have been a football star all my life too. >> reporter: rivals trailing the field fought to gain attention. michelle bachmann says she was more conservative than both front runners put together. >> if you look at newt, romney, they were for obama-care principles, if you look at newt-romney, they were for cap and trade. >> reporter: ron paul, a major factor in iowa, hit gingrich on his dealing with gian
. close to $1 million was stolen from stratfor. that's based in austin, texas. the hackers say the goal is to give it away is christmas donations. the company's clients include apple, the air force, and the miami police department. one victim who used to work for the texas department of banking noticed the fraudulent charges and acted fast. >> what they're doing, trying to play robin hood, steal from the rich and give to the poor, they're actually just costing us all time and money. in this instance, they're taking it from individuals who take -- you know, they could have ruined our christmas. they could have ruined our lives. >> the company says it's already taken steps to prevent further exposure and federal officials are investigating this case. >>> this is the last week of the year to get a lot of things checked off your to-do list. and if you're in a giving mood, now is the time to donate. charitable giving is actually up this year after two years of decline. donating to charity is a tax write-off, but you have to do it by the end of this ye.ar finance experts have some tips on wha
seriously injured in a two-vehicle accident in eastern new mexico near the texas border. authorities believe heavy snow and high winds are to blame. the storm is also being blamed for two deaths in colorado when a van lost control on an icy highway, with snow and wind and obscured the midwestern landscape, the southwest snow storm made its way east to kansas. in garden city, to the west, the storm slammed the heartland's highways affecting cars, suvs and tractor trailers alike all left stranded along the road. the blizzard started monday in new mexico, forcing the closure of multiple interstates around the town of ratone. >> they told us it's whiteout conditions. >> reporter: more than 150 mile of i-25 from santa fe to north colorado. >> even if they get past any of our checkpoints, they can't see. visibility is so poor that it makes it impossible to pass through that area. >> reporter: the prechristmas winter blast whipped through parts of texas and oklahoma where forecasters say up to 16 inches could fall on the panhandle by the end of today, bringing with it up to 35-mile-per-hour winds.
in a bar in san antonio, texas. the court's stinging them of a were drawn on the napkins. first they said, what would happen if we made an airline that can make it the three major cities. southwest airlines is the most profitable airline in his to v and started on the back of a napkin. >>henry: the three components of block block block are what? the way to communicate. >> here is what i recommend we do. we talk about the fact that awards are not helping. we want to talk less and draw more. vivid stands for a visual, from verbal, and independent thinking seriously talk and draw at the same time. so we can make any idea >>henry: i cannot draw. chef >> can you draw a circle or square question marks if you can, you can draw anything you need to. if we're not talk about drawing polite leonardo zif. >>henry: his latest book is called blah blah blah, the predecessor of is called the battle last year. these are i opening, in the literal sense. we are going to take a break, it is going to be very interesting. off 1/5 >>ysabel: early this morning, police are at the encampment outside of the federal
pipeline. >> reporter: it's a project running from canada to texas that is unpopular with democrats. >> if that bill comes over to us, we will make changes to it. and i will guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in there when it goes back to the united states senate. >> reporter: lawmakers have until december 31st to find common ground. but they're not taking any chances. the senate is working on a plan b that will extend the tax break until february, allowing lawmakers to head home and tackle the issue in the new year. on capitol hill, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> the payroll tax bill would also extend long-term unemployment benefits. if they pass, those benefits would vanish for many americans. >>> a slightly cooler day as we wrap up the workweek. take a look outside. clouds have been hanging around most of the day. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist tim williams has the updated numbers from first warning weather on this purple friday. and we'll talk with sharon gibala with this. >> is it purple or gray? make up your mind. >> gray skies. defin
their stories of the day that will live in infamy. >>> urn the heaters to high from texas to maine. the big chill -- turning the heaters to high from texas to maine. >>> popular exercise machine getting recalled. the danger the government says it could pose. the >>> eureka high clouds 51, a few high clouds, a lot of sun upper 50s through the central valley. low 60s around big sur and down south warmest weather mid to upper 60s san diego, los angeles and palm springs. >>> 5:48. this week secretary of state clinton is holding a rare meeting in geneva with syrian opposition figures. she told the group exiled in europe she wants to hear their plans to establish a new democratic government in syria the group is made up of political dis-- dissidents. many believe syria is spiralling towards civil war with growing reports of thousands being killed in the streets. syrian president assad sat down with barbara walters in his first interview with an american journalist since the uprising began in march. >> do you think that your forces crackdown too hard? >> they are not my forces. they are forces tha
for the texas family in this suv almost turns tragic. how they were saved after being trapped in the snow for two dayless. -- for twodays. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >>> a california congresswoman has introduced a bill that she says will promote gender equity at fire stations. it would allow women to apply for grants to go toward women's restrooms, showers and changing facilities. the bill says most fire departments were designed with only male firefighters in mind. women account for fewer than 4% of the firefighters nationwide. >>> a texas family is celebrating what its calling a christmas miracle after the three of them spent two days buries in the snow. now they are
. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> police say seven people were shot to death in texas right after they opened their christmas gifts and started to clean up the wrapping paper. they found the bodies of four women and three men after responding to an open 9-1-1 line. 9-1-1 dialed but no one answers the dispatcher. people are between 16 and 18. police believe one of the seven people were the shooter. two handguns found near the body. no word yet on a possible motive. >>> golden state warriors play today since the lockout. they play the clippers at 7:30 in oakland. the lockout was caused by a battle between players an owners over profit. the players with an average salary of $2.3 million a year received $100,000. some 300 employees and the vendors got nothing. also laid off 400 people. fans seemed ready to putt it behind them and spend tonight. >> we got $16 season warrior t- shirts. whoo! and a portrait. >> i just got a bean benaie and a shirt. >> we'll have it all. >>> it's not a pedal bike and a motorbike, but it's making it easier to get around in the bay area congesti
impuestos a cambio que se agilice oleoducto entr ecanadá y texas. >> la baja del desempleo en 0.5 % en la bahía. en california más de 200 mil trabajos desde 2011 en su inicio. >> luz verde para tratar de revertir el matrimonio homosexual en california. tienen que recaudar... firmas así decidir si quiere que el matrimonio sea gay. >> al alguacil de maricopa le sigue lloviendo. quieren que renuncie. >> los dueños de pequeños negocios y comunidad latina piden su renuncia. >m> soolo así la gente podra salir a trabajar sin pensar que los van a agarrar. >> para alguinos el tema es emocional. >> tanta familia que separó, estaban haciendo su trabajo y ese trabajo era de ice, él se hubiera dedicado a su trabajo, por eso ahora es señalado9.>> nos sentiamos presos afuera. >> lo que deberian haber hecho es destituirlo y no hacer tanto drama, las pruebas están, sólo tienen que sacarlo, ahí diríamos que es un triunfo. >> arpayo dice que no tiene intecion de renunciar y que el gobierno federal así abre puerta a la inmigración. >> dicen también que actuan por motivos políticos y los aleg
for heat exhaustion but they are expected to be ok, reggie kumar texas to the scene. >>reporter: when berkeley firefighters arrived in shape this home was fully engulfed in flames. it quickly spread to another own right next to it. 15 homes were evacuated the people in sight of the homes that were burning made it out front. during the time officials say power line fields on the second tower truck behind me and that compromised the fire fight for in the wild. firefighters had to bring in another engine to help fight the fire. that is being investigated. officials do not know why the, and fell on the fire truck and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>justine: we talk to erica now about weather and traffic. she is still keeping your eye on is a bit of rain but more important very foggy out there. >>erica: as we take this look at the fog tracker 4 you can see the red bends on your screen that actually over the bay bridge toll plaza with the visibility less than a quarter of amount.--of a mile. it looks like everyone is dealing with dealingfog but hopefully will be out of
tech on the university of texas. this is the first time the teams have met the packers quarterback aaron rogers was on that team says he is upset with the bears did not to play. >>jacqueline: we continue to seek out to the bay area the rain stays up to the north. we will talk about what you might see coming up. [music] >>catherine: there are some new law is going into effect this new year. we explain what you need to know as of january 1st. >>reporter: here is what parents need to know if you're driving your children need to be strapped into their car seat until there 8 years old or 4 ft. nine. california will begin bantu or from selling expired baby food and formula and say goodbye to calf and a deer because in this state you will not be able to buy it. if you are under 18 the state is the banning the sale of coughs are up and medicine with certain things without a prescription. and children under 18 will not be able to use ultraviolet tanning beds. >>catherine: east bay crews are working to fix a water main break in san leandro. it happened early this morning and look at that. th
bones. >>> in texas, police say seven people were shot today right after they opened their christmas gifts and cleaned up the garbage. they responded to an open 9-1-1 lines. they dialed but no one on the line. between 18 and 60 all believe to be related. one of the seven people, police believe, is the shooter. >> any day of the year is tragic, certainly because it is christmas, makes it more tragic given the fact that families are supposed to come together and celebrate the holidays. so it's certainly hard on the, you know, it's part of our job. >> two handguns found near the body. no word yet of the motive. >>> deadly day in afghanistan as attacked a funeral. american and nato troops took time to celebrate christmas. >> reporter: terror reigned in a funeral in afghanistan sunday when a suicide bomber blew himself up killing at least 20 and wounding 50. the man detonated this bomb as mourners were leaving the service. parliament was among the dead. there have been several attacks over the past year. u.n. says this is the worst it's been since america toppled the taliban in 2001. desp
that led to the firing of the cemetery's top of victims. >>reporter: 1 tragedy for texas and university a football player, 22 year-old joseph smith quit v. was killed a car crash he was on his way home from her toward a college station to jacksonville texas. and they fit he swerved to avoid a blood of on a highway in and sit him straight into the path of an 18 wheeler. he was a senior offensive lineman at texas a&m. >>reporter: from made the change so that he could run for president as an independent. he said he could still run if he is unhappy with the republican nominee. when his lawyer says that he is discussing with republicans are handling the payroll tax cut. >>reporter: winter is taking new mexico by storm quite literally. it is making for tough driving conditions so parts of major interstates have been shut down and dozens of driver left stranded last night because of icy roads and with white out, bishop luke take in a good deal out of colorado, is definitely going to be a white christmas. but look at those guys, they might love it. a small denver and the surrounding area got as
les quitan las camioneta . >> procedentes van para ir los indios texas el único con planes de tranmigrantes siendo el último punto de revisión . >> es la última oportunidad que tenemos que para lo que se exporte es permitido y no sea robado . >> la consecuencia en carreteras baaj por la actividad de los centroamericanos por grandes asalrtos . >> que les roban . >> nos encontramos en las agencias de tramites . >> muchos . >> mi familia me dice que no pase , que no viaje pero siempre hay algo que cubrir . >> algunos declaran que pasa . >> y bien a lo pronunciado las carreteras son inseguras . >> tenemos más información pero antes noche de reinas en san francisco los movimiento drack . >> tenemos más . >> . >> (♪ ♪) . > > mañana el mundo se para por un balón . >> donde se enfrentara el real madrid y el barcelona . >> es un encuentro que pocos dan pronosticos porque aquí se juega más que 3 puntos . >> esto se ve en las encuestas en méxico colombia perú , uruguay y venezuela real madrid es el favorito . >> chile panamá y españa por el barcelona . >> si perfect
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